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The “Green Season” is Central American lingo for the rainy season. In tropical countries, such as Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, this covers the months of May through October which also happens to be peak travel time on many northern hemisphere calendars.

If the term rainy season has you running for the nearest desert, hold your horses. Here are five reasons why the Green Season may be the BEST time for Central America travel:


The season has its name for a reason. The lack of rainfall in the dry season mutes the forest tones and blankets the terrain in dust. When the rains come, the rainforest bursts into life. The Green Season is when you experience the real rainforest, awash with vivid plants and critters you won’t see any other time of year.

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Peak season for rainforest lovers

Travel and nature photography lovers may find the Green Season to be the ideal time to practice their art. The quenched forests and jungles will put on their best of show for you during this time. With periodic showers daily you can be sure to catch ideally diffuse lighting for perfect shots. Even better, the clouds almost always break daily so you can capture palm tree laden beaches against sparkling blue coastal waters.

Coast Green Season Central America Journeys
Everything is greener during Central America’s wet season.


Don’t worry – it’s not a 24/7 downpour. From May to August, mornings and early-afternoons are typically sunny and balmy, perfect to get your tan on at the beach. Late afternoon showers can be a welcome chance to cool down and rejuvenate for the night’s festivities. September and October are the wettest months, but even then, it’s hard to beat curling up with a tasty drink and a good book on your cabana terrace, lulled by the sound of showers dancing on the canopy outside.

Sunbathe Green Season Central America Journeys
Enjoying the morning sun


Fewer people travel to Central America in the Green Season. Their loss is your gain. Hotel prices drop 20-30%, with more perks like free nights, complimentary spa treatments or meals available if you know where to look. Additionally, beaches and local attractions are less crowded, resulting in more personal experiences. The small boutique hotels that are always booked will now have availability. More opportunities also exist to interact with friendly locals who are more than willing to chat and share hometown insights with the travelers who brave the Green Season.

Relax Green Season Central America Journeys
Take time for yourself with a relaxing spa treatment


Green Season excursions show off Central America at its finest. In the clear mornings, you could go zip-lining or hiking against the backdrop of waterfalls that cascade dramatically after a nighttime rain. Form your own party or join a group for an exciting adventure whitewater rafting trip in the rain-swollen rivers of Pacuare, Costa Rica. Nothing compares to this time of year for big water.

Raft In The Green Season
Whitewater rafting in the rain swollen rivers

Sea turtles hatch from eggs buried in sandy beaches during the Green Season, attracting eco-tourists the world over to watch the newborn turtles dig to the surface and scurry to the ocean. August is also peak migration season for humpback whales, making this prime time for whale watching.


Surfing peaks on the Pacific coast between May and November. The rainy season stirs up epic swells across beaches like Dominical and Pavones in Costa Rica. Best of all, with tourism in the Green Season doldrums, you have those waves all to yourself. There are famous as well as secret surf spots and beaches for all skill levels on both the Caribbean and Pacific Central American coastlines. Read more on riding the waves in Central America with our dedicated post!

Surf In The Green Season
Have the beach all to yourself


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