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By now I’m sure most people have heard the expression “Pura Vida” or Pure Life. Through my travels in Costa Rica, one place always embodies this expression to it’s fullest, Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna. It truly is an eco-adventure wonderland that expresses purity and living life to the fullest.

There are countless adventures to explore in Arenal. Here are 5 of my favorites that I feel are a “must do”!

Ride the ziplines through the trees and over the mountains:

I have ziplined across multiple areas throughout the world and none have provided the exhilaration of what experienced in Costa Rica. Sky Trek is an unmatched adrenaline experience as you zip across the canyon at 2600 ft with an electrifying pace. The views are amazing as you go from mountain to mountain overlooking Arenal Volcano and the surrounding lake. You will scream from the top of your lungs with pure elation!!

Jungle Zipline Tours Costa Rica

Hike the Arenal Volcano National Park or La Fortuna Waterfall:

Two of the better hikes I have ever experienced were situated outside of La Fortuna. Both the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfall hikes are perfect to experience nature to the fullest.

Arenal volcano is currently dormant and is beautiful and impressive as it towers above the lush landscape. Hiking through Arenal Volcano National Park lets you experience an abundance of wildlife, stunning flora and old lava flow trails. It truly puts you at peace with nature as you explore the unique micro-climate and exotic species.

If chasing waterfalls is your passion, La Fortuna waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire country. It is a short hike or horseback ride from La Fortuna. The waterfall rushes down a 200 ft drop into an emerald pool and is simply breathtaking. It is an outstanding swimming hole experience and a great way to cool off after the hike.

Waterfall Adventure Rappelling:

What a thrilling experience to be able to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Learning how to rappel down a cliff was riveting enough, but then adding in the opportunity to scale down 5 different waterfalls was fascinating. Feeling the water splash your face is so exhilarating as you make your way down each waterfall, with some being as tall as 200 feet. This is one adventure that is a must do whenever your journey brings you to Arenal!

Waterfall Rappelling!

Explore the Forest Canopy by Skytram or Hanging Bridges:

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is an incredible experience to get up close and personal with the biodiversity of Costa Rica. There are 15 different bridges, 6 of which are hanging bridges. The park as amazing views of Arenal Volcano and the surrounding lake. You will feel one with nature as the tropical forest provides opportunities to see a wide range of flora, fauna, 300 different bird species and numerous animals. It was amazing getting to spend time with sloths, monkeys and tree frogs along my journey.

For those wanting to experience a more relaxed canopy tour, Sky Tram might be the best option for you. Slowly make your way into the forest via a gondola ride offering impressive views of the rainforest and plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the local jungle creatures.

Soak in the Natural Hot Springs:

After all the daytime adventures, ending your day with a nice soak is a perfect way to experience Arenal. The natural thermal pools formed by mineral waters give a true therapeutic experience. I indulged every evening, as there are numerous options to relax in these geothermal pools throughout Arenal.

Arenal Waterfall Hotspring

I am just scratching the surface when it comes to this eco-adventure paradise. One can discover multiple adventures on Lake Arenal while paddle boarding or kayaking, go spelunking at Venado Caves, or whitewater rafting at the Balsa river just to name a few more. The options are endless to find the true “Pura Vida” experience.

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