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Colombia’s turbulent reputation is a thing of the past. The vivacious people of this tropical nation have reclaimed their birthright in a big way, and today Colombia absolutely deserves a place on the to-do list of every travel addict.    

Brave the hype and Colombia rewards you with priceless historical relics, breathtaking hills blanketed with the world’s most delicious coffee beans, glistening beaches and lush jungles, heaven for the taste buds, infectious music, generous locals and weather to die for.    

Here are some can’t-miss stops amid the abundance of riches that is Colombia:    


With so many treasures scattered throughout the country, the nation’s capital almost gets lost in the shuffle, dismissed as just another metropolis. Don’t skip Bogota, the 3rd largest city in South America! The bustling city is a great jumping-off point and features showstopping attractions of its own.

Bogota, Colombia
Bogota’s central district is embraced by green mountains.

La Candelaria, an Instagrammer’s dream of colorful Spanish Colonial architecture, is home of the free-to-enter Botero Museum, housing the works of Colombian master Fernando Botero alongside works by Renoir and Monet. A living legend in art, Botero’s sculptures and paintings provide endearing and oftentimes humorous situations and satire with distinctively “well-rounded” human forms!

You also can’t miss the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquir, a cathedral built into underground caves of natural sodium chloride! Bogota restaurant culture is known for its tasty, affordable lunch menus.     


Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast, is the crown jewel of Colombian tourism and for good reason. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a cobblestone maze of colonial streets and plazas overgrown by fragrant bougainvillea under the shadow of soaring church spires. Place this magical setting smack on the coast, a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from beach and diving adventures on nearby Isla Grande, and Cartagena seems almost too good to be true. You have to see it to believe it.    

Cartegena Colombia
Cartegena’s lovely streets are filled with color and enchantment.


If you love watching your non-traveler friends’ jaws drop, tell them you are visiting the former capital of Pablo Escobar’s cartel. To nomads in the know, the only threat in today’s Medellin is the threat of nonstop urban adventure set in a dazzling green valley. The City of Eternal Spring is renowned for its music scene and bumping nightlife.

Medellin Shutterstock 1191810844 Central America Journeys
One of many Botero sculptures found in Colombia’s public spaces.

Take a break from the city and climb El Peñol (Medellin’s answer to Rio’s Sugarloaf Mountain) and take it all in – defiant skyscrapers fighting for attention with a dizzying skyline of forest-covered hills. A favorite family attraction is the Parque Explora. It offers an interactive array of science, nature, technology and art displays.

Shutterstock 759567577 Central America Journeys
El Peñol towers far above Medellin.


Situated high in the Andes in the province of Cali, the adorable colonial mountain village of San Augustin is your gateway to one of the most important archeological sites in the world – mind-boggling sculptures with human faces left behind by 5,000-year-old pre-Colombian cultures.

Shutterstock 368088224 Central America Journeys
Discover 5,000-year-old pre-Colombian works.


In addition to relaxing beaches and lagoons to get your lounge on, the northern coast features Tayrona National Park, a wildlife preserve and setting to the Pueblito ruins of the native Tayrona people.     

Shutterstock 589177475 Central America Journeys
A teaser from Tayrona National Park, Colombia.

The quaint yet busy Caribbean port city of Santa Marta is the oldest Spanish settlement in Colombia. It is the gateway to Taytona National Park at the foot of the gorgeous Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. Enjoy rich Colombian culture, tourist friendly infrastructure, lovely beaches, and outdoor dining with expansive sea views.

Care to get more of a chill scuba, snorkeling and sport fishing experience? The island of Cayo Cangrejo, Colombia is just that place. But don’t be fooled, it’s closer to Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast than Colombia!

Shutterstock 1329084158 825 Central America Journeys
The island of Cayo Cangrejo, Colombia.


In the south, the tropics give way to the headwaters of the Amazon rainforest, home of indigenous tribes, matchless biodiversity, and ecotourism adventure second to none.     

Shutterstock 1098318374 825 Central America Journeys
The Amazon from above.


Retrace the steps of your favorite cup of joe back to Zona Cafetera, where generations of Colombians have grown some of the finest coffee beans in the world. Book a tour of a coffee plantation or a hot-air balloon ride to take in the agricultural majesty.

Credit Rodrigo Flores Coffee Colombia
Colombia is the land of coffee and much, much more. Photo Credit: Rodrigo Flores

Find your “happy place” in Colombia! Let us know your interests and we will recommend the itinerary that will help you find your “happy place” in this colorful country! We welcome your comments and recommendations. Share your Colombia story with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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