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If you love fishing, the adventure never stops in Belize. If you’re looking to experience fishing for the first time, Belize will have you hooked upon your first cast into the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Flush with game fish and graced with a mild climate, a diverse array of saltwater sport-fishing options can be practiced all year long, both inland and all along the 240-mile Belize coast.

Anglers make pilgrimages to Belize in search of catching the “Big Three” – tarpon, bonefish, and permit. These catch-and-release sport fishing species thrive year-round but come out in abundance in the months of May, June, July, August, and early September.

Tarpon, snooks, and jacks thrive in the inland rivers, estuaries, and river mouths. Record tarpon have reached 350 lbs and 8 feet long!

Matthieu Gentilhomme Trapon Central America Journeys

A beautiful Tarpon. Photo credit: Matthieu Gentilhomme

The grass flats along the coasts support barracuda, permit, and bonefish. Sail out into the reefs and islands and you will find snapper, grouper, barracuda, and jacks, while the deep water gives way to marlin, pompano, bonito, and sailfish.

Depending on the season, your location and your mood there are so many glorious options! Clearly, sport-fishing in Belize offers an epic spectrum of species and opportunities for a casual one day experience and plenty of depth to embark on a full blown fishing holiday or retreat. Hopefully you get a chance to reach out and touch one of these beauties!      

General Information

All anglers between the ages of 16 and 65 must obtain a Sport Fishing License for $20 BZ for a day, or $50 BZ for a week (or $10 USD / $25 USD respectively, as of Feb 2019). Most tour operators will include the license with your fishing excursion or licenses can be purchased online or through your agent.

Sport fishing is catch-and-release. There are species and locations where recreational fishing including the local consumption of certain catch, such as snapper, is permitted.

Handy chart to give you an idea of the season for the best fishing and species.

Types of Fishing Experiences:

From the novice angler to the deadliest catcher, here are some experiences to consider:      

Intertidal Zone Fishing

The 450 islands that pepper the coastline offer a smorgasbord of opportunities for fly or spin-cast fishermen. Belize’s inshore inter-tidal zone (aka littoral zone), is the place to go to catch the Big Three: tarpon, bonefish and permit. The inter-tidal zone is a diverse habit on the verge of land and sea and where sea-level and salinity change constantly due to the strong effect of the daily tides. From your guide’s fast-moving skiff you can be fishing through a maze of mangroves, jungle-like river mouths and estuaries, sandbars surrounded by turquoise water, expansive tidal flats, and sheltered bays and inlets all in one day. It makes for an exciting natural journey no matter the catch and is great for those who prefer the calmer waters inshore.

Fishing Tours Belize
Guides and charters are the best way to get the most of your time on the water.

Flats Fishing  

Flats fishing is a type of inter-tidal zone fishing where guides pilot skiffs across crystal blue waters to isolated sandbars, grassy tidal flats, and expansive shallows close to shore. Flats fishing is a wonderful way to experience a sublime natural experience casting deep in warm, soothing Caribbean Sea water. Or angle directly from the skiff. This approach ideal for fly fishing with saltwater gear. Try a flats fishing experience for the Inshore Grand Slam – catching the Big Three all in the same day.

Flats Fly Casting For Bonefish In Belize
Flats fly fishing for bonefish in Belize. Beauty and oneness with nature.

Reef Fishing      

The Belize Barrier Reef runs the entire length of the coast, and its nooks, crannies, and atolls hide treasures for the amateur and expert alike. People who have never caught a fish in their life fill the ice chest with dinner for the whole family after one day on a guided charter boat over the glistening reef. Angle for grouper, snapper, jacks, and barracuda. Grouper and snapper are particularly desirable for an unbeatable fresh catch dinner.       

Reef Fishing Belize
The color and variety of the reef available with each cast.

Deep Sea Fishing     

If you want the classic big trophy fish, head for the deep water. Marlin, shark, Sailfish, Dorado (also know as Dolphin or Mahi Mahi), Kingfish, and many more come out of the deep blue seas past the reef. Your guide will help you operate the more extensive and complicated equipment needed to pull something big from the deep.   

Deep Sea Fishing Belize
Landing a big one while deep sea fishing in Belize is a true rush.


Not everyone finds relaxation in casting and pulling. If you are more interested in a fun boat ride than squaring off against the ocean, trolling combines the best of both worlds. Also usually associated with deep sea fishing, it usually includes using with multiple rods with tackle suspended off the back of a slow moving boat, you can enjoy the ocean air, check here and there for some action on the rods, and still come ashore with a tasty catch.      

Night Fishing     

For a truly unforgettable angling adventure, consider chartering a fishing trip in the balmy Belizean evening. Large fish feed in shallow waters between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, so your chances of hooking a gigantic tarpon, grouper, snapper, or big reef shark while anchored close to the shore are excellent. Bring a sweater or wind-breaker just in case, but the weather is usually fabulous.

Night fishing in the warm Caribbean breeze is relaxing and serene – until you start reeling.

Where to fish while in Belize:

Incorporating sport or recreational fishing as a part of your journey to Belize is highly recommended. It can often be a great addition to your snorkeling, scuba, or kayaking adventures. Belize has many beautiful destinations to explore the fisherman’s lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorite spots to begin your excursion:     

Fishing In Belize
Belize offers amazing depth and variety along it’s entire coast for the recreational or sport fisher.

Turneffe Atoll      

The largest coral atoll in Belize, located 20 miles (32 km) off the coast from Belize City, was a battle site for infamous pirate Blackbeard and a possible inspiration for Peter Pan’s fictional home of Neverland.      

Ambergris Caye      

The largest Belizean island is a former ancient Mayan settlement site was once praised for its beauty in song by Madonna, “Isla Bonita”. Home of white sand beaches and brilliant turquoise shallows, it serves as a breathtaking staging ground for any number of fishing adventures. It is also a popular jumping off point for scuba and snorkeling adventures. San Pedro, the island’s most significant town, has a friendly atmosphere with great dining and nightlife.     


Embark from the Placencia peninsula on spectacular reef excursions. You can also enjoy some of the best sandy beaches in all of Belize. Experience one of the luxury boutique resorts and make a stop in  the vibrant yet laid-back fishing village of Placencia sprinkled with restaurants, bars and art galleries.


Sometimes called the “Cultural Capital of Belize,” this southern coastal village is the heartland of Garifuna culture and a great place to fish rivers and estuaries, shallow sea water, and deep-sea water.     

Glover’s Reef      

Located off the coast of Dangriga, this partially-submerged coral atoll is a dream destination for flats fishing, reef fishing, and deep-sea fishing.    

Belize: World-class Fishing in Paradise

More than 40% of Belize is protected by national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and marine reserves, creating a haven for countless creatures of land, sea and sky. Aside from the breathtaking nature, vividly colorful vistas, the abundant wildlife, and the one of a kind adventure opportunities, the people of Belize and their hospitality will make you feel like you have finally come home. Predominantly English-speaking yet culturally diverse, Belizeans take pride in sharing their culture and country with you.

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