Over 15 years of excellence in travel and hospitality

Our Mission:

We strive to share and promote the beauty and magic of Central America through first-hand knowledge and by providing luxury travel experiences beyond expectations. We make travel dreams a reality by assisting our clients in planning creative travel itineraries that encompass their interests, passion, style and values.

Our Vision:

We seek to strengthen our position as a leading luxury travel and ecotourism company for Central America and points beyond. We believe that conscious travel is the answer to bridging the world together, supporting local communities, life-culture preservation, all while creating everlasting memories. Captivate the human spirit!!

Our Core Values:

  • Responsibility and Quality
  • Communication and Empathy
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Loyalty and Reliability

Our Approach:

We want every trip we book to be crafted with value, imagination, and your direction. There are no “cookie cutters” or formulas used in our work. Our agents visit Central America annually to stay up to date on hotels, destinations, and tours. This first-hand knowledge and experience allows us to assist our clients in planning travel itineraries that encompass their interests, needs, tastes and budget. We work with licensed and reputable ground operators in each country to ensure your time abroad is hassle free. We also do our best to engage in sustainable travel practices.


In line with our mission towards sustainable and conscious travel we have partnered with Sustainable Travel International.  Together we are charting the course for a new direction in the travel and tourism industry; one that leads to clean beaches, forests and parks; that fosters local economic development and that results in the protection and longevity of cultural traditions and architectural treasures.

Finally, we are very proud and honored of our partnerships with ALTOUR, Travel Square One, and all of our special guides, naturalists, hotel staff, transfer teams and others who make the dream of travel for our customers a reality.