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When airlines and hotels introduced online booking, travel agents were expected to go the way of the milkman. However, as technology and the global economy makes the world smaller and smaller, the role of the travel agent has never been more robust.

We’ll touch on many of the ways a travel agent can provide you with value and humanity in an age of digital overload and artificial intelligence. Let go of the DIY ethos, trust a team of travel experts, and you could discover travel beyond your wildest dreams. 

Here are 12 reasons to use a travel agent vs do it yourself (DIY) for your next vacation:

1. Convenience and Peace of Mind

You’re busy. Do you really have time, between work and other responsibilities, to orchestrate all the moving parts that go into the perfect DIY vacation? Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fulfilling… not overbearing.

Not only can the planning be stressful, but anxiety over the execution can ruin the fun of the vacation. Get out of the hot seat and put the work and pressure into the hands of a professional. Your travel agent is your personal concierge through the vacation of a lifetime – for a lifetime.

Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation And With Less Stress When You Work With A Travel Professional
Get the most out of your vacation and with less stress when you work with a travel professional

2. A Relationship of Trust    

As your travel agent gets to know you, he or she will discover how you like to travel and what makes for a winning experience. This personalized service allows the agent to better tailor your travels and future vacations to your tastes and desires. Your travel agent can become as trusted as your insurance agent or doctor… the difference being that the conversation and the service is a lot more fun!

Husband And Wife Travel Agents
Create a relationship you can trust. Shawn and Rachel of Central America Journeys.

3. Not a Robot or Heartless Tech Giant

Agents listen to your vacation wants and needs and use that passion to craft and deliver packages and experiences that fit like Cinderella in her slipper. Through the magic of interpersonal connections, you will find that agents can outperform any online travel platform. Travel professionals are committed to your happiness and motivated by the potential for repeat and referral business.

Who needs AI when you have everything you need from real people with a heart for helping people enjoy travel and with a mind for value and service?      

4. So Many Options

The options available to a global tourist are unlimited. Brand new regional airlines, fleets of cruise ships, dining options, attractions, assortments of boutique hotels, niche tours, and digital platforms like Expedia or… information overload can freeze your travel plans in their tracks. A travel agent can cut through the noise, balance out the pro’s and con’s, effectively budget your time, and recommend the essential experiences and best vendors in any destination.

Travel Agents Help You Choose The Best Options In A World Of Choice.
An experienced travel agent can recommend essential experiences

5. Save Money

Bet you didn’t see this coming. Travel agents’ relationships with vendors like hotels, airlines, and tour guides can give you access to group discounts. Agents have access to systems where they can bundle your entire package at discounted prices that you can’t see online.

Goofed up and missed a flight or connection? Travel agents can help you rebook flights and lodging often with tangible savings than if you rebooked solo.

6. Your Travel Advocate and “Roadside Assistant”

Good travel agents are much like your group’s personalized mission command. We’re there to prepare you for your specific experience and see you through to your happy return home.

If something does go wrong on the road, having a travel agent is like having a champion to get your vacation back on track. From lost luggage to overbooked hotels to missed flights to canceled tours… agents can help with just about anything that can go wrong on the road. Regardless of whose fault it is, your travel agent will fight for corrections and quickly source well-informed backup plans that make the most of the situation.

Travel Agents Help You Through Out Your Journey.
Your personalized mission command

7. Added Value and Exclusive Access

It’s important to realize that many hotels and tours view agents as preferred partners that bring business to their establishments. It’s fairly common, therefore, that guests booked through agents tend to get VIP treatment. 

Agents often have access to perks like room or cabin upgrades, tour extras, complimentary items and exclusive extras that may not be accessible for the same money on a DIY vacation.

Interested in velvet rope access to an art exhibition, a bottle service at the hottest nightclub, an off-market seat on a private jet, or a passage on the maiden voyage of a new cruise ship? Your travel agent could be your backstage pass.

8. Group Travel is Booming    

With travel being more affordable than ever, it is increasingly popular to see extended families, groups of friends and colleagues book vacations together. Whether we’re talking about a family reunion or a corporate retreat there’s a lot to juggle and many people to please.

The logistical challenges mount even further when we need to accommodate party members traveling from different points of origin. Whoever stepped up to be the lucky person to plan all of this travel might just be a wee bit scared things won’t pull off!

Managing complicated travel logistics are a travel agent’s bread and butter. Your travel experts are likely to  have access to bulk discounts on airfare, lodging, catering, ground transit, and group tours. Agents can take significant pressure off a travel group’s organizer and appease the revelers with the smooth execution of a tailored experience.

Keep Your Travel Party Happy With Well Planned Vacations.
Keep the party and the organizer happy. Book group travel with an agent for the win.

9. Multi-Leg Travel Made Easy

Traveling to multiple cities, regions, and countries over a single vacation is an amazing opportunity. Yet, getting all of the logistics and planning right so that all of your connections and accommodations dovetail is pretty tricky. This is another area where agents skills and value shine.

10. A Window into a Changing World

Travel agents are connected to world news but with a trained perspective and focus. They know when a destination is to be avoided and can propose equally breathtaking alternatives. Good agents get you the most accurate information on travel advisories, vaccination recommendations, security issues, and visa requirements. They are your eyes and ears on the ground and will make sure you don’t put yourself in a situation you will regret later.

Travel Agents Help You Open The Doors To The Best Locations At The Best Times.
Let us guide you through a changing world

11. Better Destinations at the Best Times

Want to catch an up-and-coming destination before it becomes overrun with tourists and prices skyrocket? Your travel agent will have the inside scoop. Travel experts can also tell you if a marquee destination will be dead, overcrowded or overpriced during your target dates.

12. You Don’t Get a Do-Over on a Bad Vacation

You probably requested time off, spent hard-earned money, and planned your vacation months, or even years, in advance. Don’t leave it to chance or a DIY travel miscalculation. Personalized service from travel experts can shift the odds in your favor. It’s your best chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that doesn’t get derailed by solvable problems. Travel agents make accessible the destinations, experiences, and travel support that only come with a personal, professional touch.

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There Are No Vacation Do Overs.


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