Honeymooning in Central America AND BEYOND

Central America offers romance, beauty, and adventure at every corner. Whether you’re looking for beach relaxation, experiencing the vibrant culture or looking for eco-adventure, Central America has everything you are looking for in a honeymoon vacation.   

Experience the beauty and magic of all that Central America has to offer. Imagine relaxing in a hammock while sipping champagne after hiking to your own private waterfall in Belize, watching dolphins play from your own private bungalow on top of the turquoise water of the Panama islands, dining under the stars from your beachfront cabana on the soft sands of Roatan in Honduras, rafting to a remote jungle lodge in Costa Rica with your own private plunge pool, taking in the sunset from the top of a Mayan temple in Guatemala. True Paradise awaits!!


Central America offers countless opportunities for those searching for luxury, adventure and eco-conscious experiences.  At Central America Journeys, we use our first-hand knowledge and passion to provide you with travel experiences beyond expectations.  Let us craft your dream honeymoon through the magical wonders of Central America!!

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