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Central America is a honeymooner’s dream. The balmy perpetual summer of honeymoon destinations like Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras just ooze with eternal romance. Here you can spend one day feeling the luscious sand between your toes as you lounge with a tropical drink in hand, watching the sunrise over a sparkling turquoise sea… and the next day taking in the beautiful pristine rainforest from your luxury jungle-eco lodge while swimming in your own private infinity plunge pool.

There’s so much to love about Central America, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are six tips to enjoy the perfect Central American honeymoon with your true love …

1. Seek Professional Advice.

Travel agents create personalized service and will work directly with you from your first phone call to when you return home. We take all the stress out of planning the perfect honeymoon. We know the best spots and most reputable vendors who often pass us special discounts for the business we send them … discounts we can pass on to you! Additionally, we may have access to exclusive tours or backstage access not available to the general public.

More than just a booking secretary, a great travel specialist is your personal travel concierge. We listen to what excites you and sculpt an international adventure to match it. We are also your tireless advocates. Lost luggage? The limo fails to show up? We spring into action to save your honeymoon from circumstances that might otherwise derail this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Let us do the hard part. All you need to do is tie the knot, show up, and relax into tropical bliss.

Honeymoon Planning Is Easy And Low Risk With A Travel Agent

2. Craft the Perfect Itinerary.

The advantage of Central America is that it truly has something for everyone. Every passion can be indulged, with options available at any budget. From exquisite resorts to thatched beach cabanas, you just can’t go wrong … if you know where to look. Let your travel agent craft the perfect honeymoon vision with value and imagination.

Put your heads together. What do you and your partner love to do? You’re in this adventure together. If one of you loves nature, the other exploring charming architecture, a program of birdwatching tours launched from a homebase in historic Antigua, Guatemala could fulfill both passions. Your travel agent can combine all of your passions to create the perfect itinerary.

Check into tours and book in advance. Many of the best Central American tour companies sell out for months, especially in the tourist season. You don’t want to be stuck high and dry once you land in Costa Rica for your honeymoon, with so much to see and no one to show you.

Can’t plan ahead because you have wedding logistics to herd? Call your favorite travel agent and we’ll do it all for you!

Be The Love Birds You Want To Be On Your Honeymoon

3. Consider the Off-Season.

Tourists flock to Central America in the sunny dry season from November to May. It’s a great time to get your tan on and avoid North American winters. It’s also a great time to pay full price, sweat sunscreen into your eyes, wait in long lines, and struggle to find a tour that hasn’t sold out.

Fly against the grain during your honeymoon. Most people balk at traveling to a region in “Green Season” as it’s called, but Central America rewards off-season travel. Many regions have clear mornings and afternoons, with the evenings never rising above a mild tropical rain that provides a welcome relief from the warm mornings. One of the great pleasures of Central America is sipping a mug of locally grown and roasted coffee on a terrace, listening to rain massaging the forest canopy. Plus, there’s a reason this time of year is called the “Green Season.” Forests explode with more vibrant, lush greenery than you ever imagined. Some wildlife encounters are only available at this time of year.

Best of all, you will enjoy lower prices, far fewer crowds, and friendly service from local tourism professionals who are not overwhelmed and grateful for the off-peak business.

Alone Time At A Jungle Waterfall On A Central America Honeymoon

4. Set Up a Honeymoon Registry.

Everyone has heard of a wedding registry, but here’s the thing … most of us already have enough stuff. What we crave is experience. Tailor your wedding registry accordingly by choosing a “honeymoon registry.” Instead of new flatware when your current plates are just fine, what if your loved ones could gift you a craft rum tour of Panama? Parasailing lessons in Costa Rica? Sportfishing off the coast of the Belize Barrier Reef? Spa treatments at a luxury resort on the Honduran island of Roatán? A five-course banquet in a cobblestoned plaza in Antigua? Upgrades to first class airfare? You get the picture.

The added fun of a honeymoon registry is seeing which adventures and touches your loved ones vicariously choose for you … it gives them a chance to gift something with thought, value and personality, too! Your travel specialist can help you organize your honeymoon registry.

Luxury Accommodation For Your Honeymoon In Central America

5. Combine Your Adventures.

When considering an itinerary packed with Central America adventures, remember that everything is close by. Your island adventure can double as your volcano encounter. You can stand up from your beach lounge, dust sand off your legs, and walk right into the tree canopy to greet the monkeys. Deep-sea fishing trips are just as likely to spot a migrating humpback whale as a whale-watching excursion if you time it right. Legendary nightlife in Panama City is minutes away from rainforest ferry tours upstream from the Canal.

Talk to your travel specialist about how to squeeze the marrow out of every destination on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Adventures

6. Remember to Relax!

Surrounded by so much excitement, it can be easy to forget that you are on vacation and you just got married! Kick back, share a hug and a kiss, and enjoy each others’ company. From remote beaches to cloud-cloaked mountains, nothing matches the adventure of a life lived alongside the one you love.

Alone at Last!!

We are Central America travel specialists with a long history of crafting sumptuous and romantic honeymoons in some of the most idyllic places on earth. We’d love to help you strike the perfect balance for your particular tastes and interests. Whether that means completely unwinding at a single beach-front luxury villa or sculpting a unique multi-leg journey, in Central America or beyond, we are qualified and excited to make your dream a reality. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and joyous journey together!

If your wanderlust is calling, why not start by filling in our travel enquiry form or give us a call at (877)509-6033.  We take the stress out of planning and deliver highly personalized travel packages and concierge service for individuals, families, and groups.  Thanks again!

We are proud members of Sustainable Travel International and ALTOUR/Travel Square One LLC.

With an adventurous spirit,

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