At Central America Journeys, we believe that conscious travel is the answer to bridging the world together, supporting local communities, life-culture preservation, all while creating everlasting memories. Exposing oneself to other cultures forever changes our perspective.  

Sharing a culture is a way to preserve it. By creating immersive experiences for travelers, locals have an opportunity to celebrate their culture while educating visitors. Immerse yourself in Central America’s rich cultures by drumming with the Garifuna in Belize, seeing the beauty of the painted ox-carts of Sarchi in Costa Rica, exploring the Mayan-inhabited valley of Copán and its famous archaeological site in Honduras, visiting the villages of Lake Atitlan and the colorful markets throughout Guatemala, learning about the colonial heritage of Granada in Nicaragua, or experiencing first-hand the life of the Kuna Indians in Panama.

Let us help you deepen your travel experience and captivate the human spirit!!


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