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Are you dreaming of an unforgettable adventure to Costa Rica and the joys of natural beauty, peace, and adventure? Then Böëna Wilderness Lodges awaits! Located in some of Costa Rica’s most idyllic areas, these luxury lodgings bring together state-of-the-art accommodations with rustic charm that will have you feeling like a true local during your stay. You can explore destinations like the Osa Peninsula, Pacuare River, Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Tortuguero National Park. 

At Böëna Wilderness Lodges, they focus on providing an immersive experience that allows visitors to reconnect with nature. Their lodges are an oasis of beauty and tranquility, offering visitors a unique and luxurious experience. They offer five different lodges to explore — Pacuare Lodge, Lapa Rios Lodge, Monteverde Lodge, Tortuga Lodge, and Cloud Forest Lodge. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or an adventure-filled family vacation, discovering tropical rainforests to cloud forest settings, Böëna Wilderness Lodges offers something for everyone! 

Lapa Rios

Lapa Rios lodge in Costa Rica is an amazing eco-lodge situated in a lush rainforest on the Osa Peninsula. It’s a luxurious haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, surrounded by pristine rainforests, and bordered by the wild Pacific Ocean. From the moment you arrive, you are immersed in a lush world of green foliage, towering trees, effervescent rivers, and abundant wildlife.

A Scarlet Macaw In Flight
A Scarlet Macaw in flight

The villas at Lapa Rios lodge in Costa Rica are some of the most beautiful and placid accommodations in the world. Set amidst acres of breathtaking rainforest teeming with exotic wildlife, their comfortable accommodations give guests a unique opportunity to integrate and commune with nature. All of their villas have terraces with unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of lovable sloths, colorful toucans, scarlet macaws, and playful monkeys living in the canopy overhead.

Tranquil Accommodations In The Osa Penisula
Tranquil accommodations in the Osa Penisula

Lapa Rios Lodge in Costa Rica is the perfect destination for outdoor adventurers. The lodge is located in a breathtakingly beautiful private nature reserve with 1,000 acres of pristine rainforest that borders Corcovado National Park – an area of incredible biodiversity and stunning scenery. Visitors to Lapa Rios can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities – from guided nature walks and horseback riding through the jungle, to birdwatching tours, waterfall hikes, and night hikes. The lodge also offers kayaking trips along the nearby Sirena River, as well as fishing on the ocean or lagoon. For those looking for a more laid-back experience, there are plenty of beaches and tranquil places to relax, meditate, practice yoga, and take in the sights. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Lapa Rios has something for everyone!

Horseback Riding Down The Beach At Lapa Rios
Horseback riding down the beach at Lapa Rios

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Pacuare Lodge

The Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica is an exquisite, elegant, and luxurious jungle retreat. This beautiful resort is tucked away in the middle of a lush rainforest and situated alongside one of the most beautiful rivers in Central America. It offers guests an opportunity to experience nature and adventure like never before. Rafting to Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica is an exciting and adventurous way to get to this tropical oasis. It’s a scenic whitewater rafting trip down Class III rapids of the Pacuare River, renowned as one of the world’s top ten rivers for rafting. The crystal-clear water, lush rainforest, and varied wildlife create memories that last a lifetime.

Raft Into Your Scenic Accommodations At Pacuare Lodge
Raft into your scenic accommodations at Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge has been meticulously designed to ensure its guests experience the highest level of comfort and hospitality amidst the natural beauty surrounding them. The open-air suites feature private balconies, perfect for taking in the enchanting views of the rainforest and river below. For those seeking an even more sumptuous experience, certain villas offer even greater seclusion and enhanced amenities such as a personal jacuzzi or plunge pool. 

Be Like A Kid Again In Your Own Private Luxury Treehouse
Be like a kid again in your own private luxury treehouse

The lodge provides guests with a variety of activities to enjoy during their stay, such as rafting down the Pacuare River, hiking through pristine jungles, swimming in crystal-clear waterfalls, and ziplining through the canopy. For those looking to relax, there are many hammocks strung around the grounds that offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. 

Guests can also take part in immersive cultural experiences offered by local villagers. Wildlife-viewing excursions are also popular, allowing visitors to spot sloths, toucans, monkeys, and other creatures that call Pacuare home. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Pacuare Lodge has something for everyone—making it one of Costa Rica’s premier ecotourism destinations.

Experience Rafting On The Pacuare River
Experience Rafting on the Pacuare River

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is a luxurious “ecolodge” located in the heart of Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The lodge is surrounded by an astounding array of wildlife, featuring diverse habitats and ecosystems ranging from tropical rainforest to swamps, lagoons, wetlands, mangrove forests and beaches, making it an ideal place to experience nature at its finest. As one of the premier ecolodges in Central America, guests are surrounded by an expansive rainforest and have their own private beach access to explore the natural beauty that Tortuguero has to offer.

Tortuguero National Park On The Caribbean Coast
Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast

The lodge boasts beautifully appointed accommodations featuring private terraces, lake views, and individually controlled air conditioning and ceiling fans for a truly comfortable stay. Tortuga lodge features 27 cozy, meticulously maintained rooms with traditional designs that reflect the local culture and provide unpretentious luxury. 

Traditional Designs That Reflect The Local Culture
Traditional designs that reflect the local culture

A variety of activities are available, including boat tours of local lagoons, hikes along jungle trails, and nature walks through nearby wildlife sanctuaries. Additionally, Turtle Beach is just a short walk away where visitors can witness nesting sea turtles laying eggs at night during certain times of the year. As a unique amenity, the lodge offers guided kayak tours along the coast that allow visitors to observe various species of shorebirds, monkeys, sloths, turtles, iguanas and other creatures in their natural habitat. Additionally, Tortuga Lodge & Gardens provides excellent educational opportunities through its Turtle Camp program which educates youth groups about sea turtle conservation and marine ecology. 

Educational Opportunities Through The Turtle Camp Program
Educational opportunities through the Turtle Camp program

With its unbeatable combination of hospitality, amenities, and natural wonders all around you, it’s no wonder why Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is an unforgettable destination for all those seeking relaxation amidst a tropical paradise. Tortuga Lodge & Gardens provides a truly unforgettable travel experience!


The two Böëna Lodges in Monteverde (Cloudforest Lodge and Monteverde Lodge) offer a truly unique and unforgettable experience to those visiting the cloud forest. Tucked away in the mountainous Santa Elena Reserve, these two lodges are surrounded by lush vegetation and an array of wildlife both day and night. The two properties each provide their own unique atmosphere and amenities, offering a perfect balance between adventure, tranquility, and comfort. 

Majestic Cloudforest Of Monteverde
Majestic cloudforests of Monteverde

Both resorts offer a variety of charming and stylish accommodations to suit any traveler’s needs. All rooms are designed to bring you close to nature with a furnished terrace or balcony so you can take in the stunning views of the surrounding gardens, cloud forest and the Nicoya Peninsula.

Monteverde is a picturesque cloud forest located in the lush rainforest of northwestern Costa Rica. It boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness, including towering tree canopies, cascading waterfalls, and incredible wildlife. The abundance of flora in this area makes it a paradise for nature lovers, who come from all over the world to experience its beauty. Its unique climate supports an astounding range of species, from exotic birds to rare plants and trees. 

Enjoy The Canopy Above The Trees
Enjoy the canopy above the trees

Monteverde is a lush and beautiful Costa Rica region known for its exhilarating ecoadventure activities. It offers thrill-seekers an array of activities such as zip lining, hiking, horseback riding and coffee tours. One of the most exciting tours is the jungle night hike. Zip lining is one of the most popular activities at Monteverde, with participants harnessed to a cable high above the treetops, whooshing through the canopy and taking in stunning views of the forest.

An Ecoadventure Wonderland
An Ecoadventure Wonderland

Hikes through the cloud forests are filled with a variety of animals that make their home here. Capuchin monkeys, white-faced capuchins, howler monkeys and spider monkeys are all common sights for visitors. The diversity among bird life here is simply incredible – one could spend days observing hummingbirds as they flutter around brightly colored flowers or marvel at the toucans as they soar above treetops in search of food. Let’s not forget the most famous resident, the sloth, and its cuteness overload. With so much biodiversity, it is clear why Monteverde has become such an iconic destination for nature lovers from around the world. It provides unparalleled access to some of the most unique ecosystems on our planet – something that should surely be appreciated by all who visit! No matter which activity you choose there’s no doubt you’ll leave Monteverde with incredible memories and an appreciation for its biodiversity and stunning landscapes!

Sloth’s Cuteness Overload
Sloth’s Cuteness Overload

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At Böëna Wilderness Lodges, they believe that we are transformed by wonder – not just by seeing breathtaking beauty but by experiencing it firsthand. Their goal is to help people fall in love with nature again by giving them a unique opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in Costa Rica while learning about conservation efforts in the area. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that combines luxury accommodations with eco-adventure tours, then look no further than Böëna Wilderness Lodges!  

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