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Making a list of the best places to vacation in Mexico? If so, be sure to put the Yucatan Peninsula at or near the top! With magnificent beaches along its “Riviera Maya” coastline, a plethora of wonders to explore, and a vibe that’s relaxed and fun, the Yucatán Peninsula is a true paradise just south of the border. 

Most journeys begin at Cancún International Airport which offers modern amenities and handles a high volume of direct daily flights to most major airports in North America, the UK, and Europe. From there it is easy to set-off in a variety of directions to enjoy Yucatán’s superb natural beauty, tranquility, attractions, hospitality, and local authenticity.

Let’s discover the Top 10 Reasons to enjoy Mexico’s Yucatán experience!

1. Beach Life

If a picture-postcard beach makes you happy, the Yucatán Peninsula will have you smiling from ear to ear. This vast coastal region isn’t called the “Riviera Maya” for nothing. The golden sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and inviting gentle surf combine to create a terrific envronment for one to completely compose oneself. Rejuvenate in the crystal-clear turquoise waters, enjoy a tiki drink, eat well on the phenomenal local cuisine and simply Relax!

2. Tulum

Discover the large archaeological site of Tulum, one of the most important sites of the ancient Mayan culture, located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Serene beaches, delicious food, and mysterious Cenotes await you in and around the city of Tulum in addition to the majestic Mayan Ruins. If culture, cuisine, and a hint of spice are what you seek, then the lovely nearby city of Tulum will surely delight. Tulum offers a number of resort and hotel options including luxurious beachfront accommodations.

Turquoise Waters Of The Mexican Yucatan Vacation
El Castillo Temple at paradise beach. Mayan ruins of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

3. Akumal

Not far from Tulum is the lovely city of Akumal, which means “place of the turtles” in Mayan. Noted for its white sands, coral reef, clear water, marine life, and especially turtles. The snorkeling here is sensational, and the diving even more so. It’s also a great jump-off point to the rest of the Yucatán Peninsula. Best of all, in the scuba-famous “place of the turtles”, you’re bound to see a few of these magnificent sea creatures.

4. Rio Secreto

This impressive labyrinth of underground rivers is a must-see for adventurous types! You’ll marvel at the mysterious Cenotes, fresh-water sinkholes, that seem to go down forever and are home to thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. Apart from learning about geological history, you’ll have the chance to swim and hike inside the caves. Don’t forget your Go-Pro!

Travel To The Azure Cenotes Of Mexico
Swim in the Crystal-Clear Cenote Waters at Rio Secreto

5. Eco Adventure

The Yucatán Peninsula is one of the most exciting locations for adventure on planet earth, with a wide variety of natural wonders. It boasts some of the most amazing and bio-diverse destinations to explore your wild side, all while enjoying the beauty of exotic natural environments. Let our experienced guides make your adventures unforgettable!

6. Chichén Itzá

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chichén Itzá; is, in a word, breathtaking. Indeed, this massive complex of ancient Mayan ruins is now one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World” and something you won’t want to miss! After a visit to learn about its history—its main draw is the step Pyramid of Kukulkán (aka “El Castillo”)…and trust me, you’ll want to venture to the top!

Mayan Pyramids Of Mexico
The Ancient Chichén Itzá at Sunset

7. Xcaret Park

Combining a water park with eco-tourism, Xcaret Park is spectacular. Couples and families alike will enjoy the wide variety of activities (over 50 attractions!) that include traditional water rides as well as ecologically-based attractions! If you come to Mexico with your kids, visiting Xcaret Park is an absolute must!

8. Playa del Carmen

A welcoming, cosmopolitan seaside town and a foodie’s delight, Playa del Carmen is where people come for the fiesta, and to have some fun in the tropical sun! Stroll on the busy pedestrian promenade, lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. I highly recommend the street tacos! From the Playa del Carmen ferry terminal you can easily access a modern, high-speed ferry to nearby Cozumel Island for a day trip, world-class diving, or to extend your adventure.

Mexican Street Food...yum Yum!!
Mexican Street Food…Yum Yum!!

9. Culinary Delights

The Yucatán Peninsula has one of the most distinctive culinary identities in the world, with traditions that go back all the way to their ancient Mayan roots involving fresh locally sourced tropical produce, traditional spices, meats, and seafood. From pibipollo (chicken-filled tamale) to huitlacoche (“Mexican truffle”), papadzules (similar to enchiladas), cochinita pibil (slow-roasted suckling pig), yummy street tacos and so much more, the food scene here is delightfully delicious and satisfying. 

10. A Wide Choice of World-Class Resorts

Whether with your family, your partner, or your new spouse, there’s a world-class resort that’s perfect in the Yucatán Peninsula. That includes many all-inclusive, big-brand or boutique, family-friendly, and adults-only resorts that are simply marvelous. Let us craft the perfect vacation destination for your next trip to the turquoise Caribbean waters of the Riviera Maya!

Luxury Resort On The Coast Of The Riviera Maya
Luxury Resort on the Coast of the Riviera Maya

Ready To Discover

We think you’ll agree; those are 10 fantastic reasons to enjoy Mexico’s Yucatán experience. If you have questions about planning the perfect Yucatán getaway, please schedule your Book Your Consult and we can get this Fiesta started!!!

Let us help you craft an itinerary that encompasses your interests, passions, recharges your spirit, and quenches your wanderlust. Tell us what most intrigues you and let us make a recommendation and design an unforgettable travel experience. We are here to take the stress out of travel planning and ensure that your time abroad is spent fully enjoying your vacation, worry-free.

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