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Whoever invented the phrase “fun for the whole family” must have been thinking of Costa Rica. The local “Pura Vida” lifestyle is the real deal, a family vacation adventure packed with nonstop opportunities for excitement, exercise, relaxation, and education.

Here are just a few of the treasures Costa Rica has to offer families of all sizes and all ages …

Family Adventure

Costa Rica is 19,700 square miles of pure family adventure. With the highest quality of life and happiness ratings of any Central American country, Costa Rica’s tourist offerings have thrived, both on land and off its 800 miles of Pacific and Caribbean coastline.

On Land

Visitors of all ages can see Costa Rica as only the birds do. Children can marvel at the ecosystems high up in the rainforests during a canopy tram tour in Arenal. Teens and adults can fire their adrenaline on the Diamante “Superman” zipline plunge, a thrilling ride not for the heights averse.

Family Vacation Adventure In Costa Rica
Soar with the Birds

Back at ground level, the whole family can enjoy a horseback ride through the cloud forests of Monteverde, waterfall rappelling in La Fortuna, whitewater rafting down the Pacuare River, or mountain biking in the shadow of Mt. Arenal, an active volcano.

By Sea

One of the few countries with access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific, Costa Rica’s aquatic offerings are second to none. Younger children may enjoy snorkeling or kayaking off the coast of Cahuita National Park. Tweens and teens could take it up a notch by learning to surf or jetski on Tamarindo Beach, or to SCUBA dive off Caño Island.

Learning To Surf For The Family In Costa Rica
Learning to surf with daddy

Family Discovery

With over 23% of the landmass dedicated to national parks and preserves, Costa Rica is a place where there is always something new to learn and inspire. Additionally, Costa Rica’s commitment to becoming the first carbon-neutral country sets an example for the rest of the world.

Celebrate Biodiversity

Despite constituting only 0.03% of the earth’s landmass, Costa Rica is suspected to host a whopping 5% of the earth’s biodiversity. Who needs a guy in a mouse costume when Costa Rican ecotours can bring the kids face to face with:

  • Colorful Toucans and Smiling Sloths at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Santa Cecilia.
  • Kaleidoscope of Hummingbirds and Butterflies at the Gardens of Monteverde.
  • Cheerful Spider Monkeys observed from the hanging bridges of Mistico Arenal.
  • Nesting Sea Turtles and their Hatchlings at Tortuguero National Park.
  • Breaching Humpback Whales from a whale-watching ferry off the Pacific coast.
Learning Ecology With Sea Turtles In Costa Rica
Turtle hatchings release

Family Relaxation

When the family adventure is done for the day, Costa Rica is the perfect vacation destination for kicking back. From the crash of waves on the beach to the songs of insects in the rainforest, Costa Rica has a way of melting all the cares and fights of family life away.

By Land

Families that explore inland will discover luxury eco-lodges like Bosque del Cabo and Pacuare Lodge, as well as soothing natural hot springs at Baldi and Arenal.

Hangin Bridges In The Rainforests Of Costa Rica
Hanging Bridges in Arenal

By Sea

Both “Tico” coasts boast dazzling beaches, perfect for stretching out on the sand with a cold drink and getting a crisp tan, while the kids frolic in the surf before taking a cool plunge in gentle waters. Family-friendly beach resorts like Arenas Del Mar and Andaz Costa Rica put the coast right at your doorstep.

Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica
Kick up your feet and relax at one of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches


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